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I'm a 25 years and as cliche as it might sound, photography has been a great tool to connect me to people. I have gained a perspective with my camera, stepping out of my personal world and Receive and capture a glimpse of another's story. I have expeirenced that no matter if my subjects home is made of 800 year old brick, or a mud tukal with a roof of giant leaves, the same dramas of life occur: Teenage heartbreak, pride in completing a days work, fear of making the wrong decision, and of course, the importance of sharing delicious food with one another. To be apart of those glimpses has been a great honor. I am able to communicate with every walk of life, realizing, “we do all in fact bleed the same blood.” Partner with me with photos and I will bring a perspective of empathy, a listening ear, and make sure to value each individual and story we are capturing.

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